Recorded: Nikolo Malitsky Monastery of Tver

Sound producer: Pavel Timofeev

Executive producer: Anton Yakovlev

The catalogue number: RS 0209

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The Byzantine Chorus of the Mykolaiv Malicky Male Monastery:

Artistic director of choir: Vsevolod Babitsky

Regent: Seraphim Ershov

Soloists: Ivan Krasovitov, Maksim Kapranov, Serafim Astakhov, Ivan Gribkov.

The Byzantine choir of the Nikolo-Malitsky Monastery was created by the efforts of the igumen Boris (Tupouva), who gathered choristers who studied Byzantine singing in Greece. Some of them lived on Mount Athos for a long time and absorbed the tradition of holy worship. The choir performs songs in the Slavic and Ancient Greek languages.

The choir takes its name from one of the most revered in the entire Orthodox world images of the Holy Virgin - «Dignified There» (Greek. «Axion Estin»), which is located in the capital of Athos, in the ancient temple of Protat. Before this icon, in the 10th century, the hymn «Worth Eating» was performed for the first time after the miracle of Archangel Gabriel. Since then, this hymn has become part of the main chants of the Orthodox Church and is sung at every Liturgy all over the world.

The mission of the choir is to carry the Afon tradition of Byzantine singing, thus complementing the general charter of the Nikolo-Malitsky Monastery. Currently, the choir works in the monastery and also participates in the services of various local churches in Russia, Cyprus, Greece and Athos.

Byzantine church singing unites Orthodox Christians from all over the world. The Russian Byzantine choir of the Malicky Monastery, through its ministry, contributes little to the strengthening of the unity of the World Orthodox Church.

Track List:

1. The Great Litany (Athonite)

2. 1st Stasis Typica

3. 2nd Stasis Typica

4. The Beatitudes

5. The Small Entrance

6. Troparia and kontakion

7. The Thrice-holy Hymn 3rd Tone

8. Dynamis 3rd Tone by Thrasyvoulos Stanitsas

9. The Epistle, Alleluia

10. The Gospel

11. The Litany of Fervent Supplication

12. The Cherubic Hymn by Theodore Focaevs 1st Tone

13. The Great Entrance, «That we may receive the King of all»

14. The Litany of Oblation

15. The Symbol of Faith

16. The Anaphora 3rd Tone

17. It is Truly Meet by Nektarios Vlachos 1st Tone

18. The Litany of Supplication

19. The Lord's Prayer, the Communion Hymn

20. «Receive the Body of Christ» in 1st Tone

21. «We have seen the true light», «Let our mouth be filled with Thy praise»

22. The End of the Liturgy

23. The dismissal, Polyhronion

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