The first Pure Sound award ceremony in the field of sound recording was held in Moscow. For the first time in Russia drew attention to the sound recording, as the basic element of the country's music industry. A lot depends on the level of development of sound recording. Everything we listen to outside of the concert halls is the result of sound recording. Recording is the basis for the development of key music business processes that ultimately shape what, how, where and whom we listen to. The "first pancake" of the ceremony has already been booked, its results are not unambiguous and only.

I leave without comment the distribution of places and everything connected with it. From the point of view of professional competence, there are more questions than answers. The jury should judge the technical quality of the releases not by composers, even with the surname Tchaikovsky or Rybnikov, but those who WRITE, including these respected authors. It so happened that the Reahsound. Art team was given the role of transferring experience to sound engineers throughout the country, while the releases of Reachsound. Art, on formal grounds, did not pass moderation.

How can it be that the music of the composers Luigi Schiatti, Anton Tietz, Josephus Fodor, who formed the musical foundations of the Russian state, according to the jury, does not fall into the category of Russian music, and therefore, also from the nominations of the competition? How would the whole musical thought of the Russian state develop without these names, including members of the respected jury, is not taken into account. These questions remain unanswered.

All nominees nominated by the jury with a victory in any case, the competition of professional advancement, a deeper understanding of the problems facing the most important direction of the country's music industry - recording.

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