ReachSound.Art released a release by the German composer Johann Mattheson (1681 - 1764,) with fugues for the harpsichord, it would be more correct to say, with fugues for Obligato Harpsihord.

The music of I. Matteson clearly deserves fame, comparable to the glory of his younger colleague Georg Friedrich Hendel. It was I. Matteson who in 1710 wrote the opera Boris Godunov to his own libretto, which became the first opera on a Russian subject. For political reasons, it was not staged in Europe and was performed only in 2007 thanks to the Early Music Festival and the "Catherine the Great Soloists" ensemble. The keyboard fugues, recently released on all world digital platforms in the Russian Early Music series, were written by I. Mattezon for the Grand Duke Peter Feodorovich.

It was in the performance of Irina Shneerova, one of the members of the wonderful ensemble "Soloists of Catherine the Great", who restored the first opera on a Russian plot, and this unique recording was made. Unique in the sense of a rare repertoire, in the sense of a magnificent performance, in the sense of a fantastic recording quality (sound engineer Vladimir Ryabenko).

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