Radio Orpheus broadcasts in the 9 largest cities of Russia, including Moscow. Perhaps the only radio format of classical music in Russia in the FM band. Andrey Reshetin and Anton Yakovlev became guests of the author of the program, Roman Berchenko, deputy director of broadcast and concert activities. A program block based on the ReachSound. Art directory was recorded.

One of the programs is entirely devoted to the unique disc of the outstanding artist of authentic music Gustav Leonhardt. ReachSound Released. The art to release "The bliss and pain of Baroque" is little known to the general public and the latest in the work of this world-famous musician.

The history of relations between Gustav Leonhard and Russian, St. Petersburg musicians, invaluable facts about how the recording took place and what preceded it - all this will be reflected in the cycle of recorded programs.

The dialogue about foreign musicians invited by Catherine the Great to Russia, their fate in Russia, creativity and influence on the national music school turned out to be no less interesting.

We will inform you about the dates and time of broadcasts.

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