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Sound recording of the opera

super audio CD format

Record Label «ReachSound. Art», carries out a full cycle of work related to the recording, production and distribution of its own releases on world music Internet sites.

The label specializes in recording classical music: chamber, vocal, symphonic, opera, choral, we record not only in the studio, but also live performances using our own unique technologies in the production of the recording, allowing to immerse the listener into realisticsound space.

​Our engineers are authorized for Mastering for iTunes (MFiT).
In addition to traditional recording standards, we work with DSD 256 / DXD format. We

also make recordings not only in stereo, but also surround, as well as binaural.

Record label “ReachSound.Art”, one of the few in Russia that owns recording technology in DSD 256 format, which allows you to make a down sample for any high definition resolution format from DXD (or Digital extreme 352.8 kHz / 24 bit) to digital formats of any resolution: 192 kHz / 24 bit, 96 kHz / 24bit - HD format, 44.1 kHz / 16 bit (CD Audio resolution), flac, AAC

In working with musicians, we implement an individual approach, selecting, depending on the repertoire and creative tasks, an exclusive place and method of recording, the optimal natural acoustics of concert halls, Orthodox, Catholic cathedrals, special


“ReachSound.Art” is the exclusive recordings of the future technology, according to which music lovers will judge what we performed and listened to in the 21st century. We are open for cooperation, contact us and get more information about the conditions of cooperation at the address: